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Read more about how you can test the speed of your website and why it is important to be aware of your website's speed.
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Why is website speed important?

After the latest Google algorithm updates combined with modern consumer behavior, the speed of one’s website is more important than ever before. Read more here and do a speed test on your website further down in the article.

Google directly measures the speed of websites when they have to rank the websites, as well as when they have to give Quality Scores. Additionally, website visitors do not have the patience for slow websites, resulting in them clicking away from the website before they have even seen its content if it is slow.

Some of the primary benefits that come with having a speed optimization done include:

  • Better rankings on Google (More organic traffic on the homepage)
  • Higher Quality Scores (You get more out of every penny you invest in Google Ads)
  • A lower bounce rate
  • A higher conversion rate
  • A better user experience for your visitors
  • That your website meets the Core Web Vitals

This is how you can test the speed of your website at Riised

Do you need to test the speed of your website? You can do that here at Riised. 

We have developed a module which makes it quick and simple for you to test the speed of your website. All you have to do to test the speed of your website is to enter the website URL in the module below. You will then get specific and precise data on how fast your website is.

Our speed test is based on reliable and accurate data from Google PageSpeed ​​Insights.

What is a good speed?

When you test the speed of your website, you will get a score between 1-100 on both mobile and computer. 100 is the best score you can get. However, it is very difficult to achieve a score of 100, so an important question is of course; When is your website fast enough?

Google has made it very simple. They have divided the scores into three different colours; red, yellow and green. 

Red: 0-49

Gul: 50-89

Green: 90-100

Red score: Red means you have a slow website . If your website is slow in speed, it has a direct negative effect on your results. Google penalizes slow websites in several different ways. If your website is slow, it results in a lower Quality Score and poorer rankings on Google. In addition, a slow website results in a higher bounce rate and lower conversion rate.

Yellow score: A yellow score is the minimum your website must have in order not to be penalized. A yellow score is therefore not considered fast, but does not have a direct negative effect either.

Green score: If the score on your website speed is green, your website is considered fast. It will positively affect your quality score and rankings. In addition, a fast website also comes with other benefits, such as a lower bounce rate and higher conversion rate.

Riised Speed ​​optimization

Is your website slow? So it is a good idea to have your website optimized for speed.

We are experts in speed optimization and can optimize any platform. We are, among other things, experts in:

Contact us and have a potential analysis of your website made.

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