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+400% organic visitors
The best growth investment I have ever made”

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+400% organiske besøgendeDen bedste vækstinvestering, jeg har lavet nogensinde

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    After 300 speed optimizations, we have developed Riised Performance™. A groundbreaking framework which gives your shop maximum performance and dominant competitive advantages.

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    Mobile speed
    from 30/100 to 85/100


    Increase in organic visitors because Google rewards fast shops.


    Higher conversion rate when speed increases by 2 seconds on mobile.


    Higher turnover on the same advertising budget, because the Quality Score increases by 2-3.

    What does Google think of your WordPress shop's speed?

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      Source: Google PageSpeed Insight

      Is your WordPress shop slow?

      If your WordPress store is slow:

      • you will never achieve the top rankings on Google.
      • Are you paying too much for your advertising.
      • your conversion rate will stay low.
        Basically, you never achieve your business’s full potential.
      Fordelene ved speed-optimization

      WordPress står bag 35% af hele internettet

      WordPress er en kæmpe platform, som står for hele 35% af det indhold, som du kan finde på nettet. Derfor er der også god sandsynlighed for, at du har lavet din hjemmeside på WordPress. Med vores speed-optimization af WordPress kan din hjemmeside komme tættere på nr. 1 på Google.

      Konsekvenserne af en langsom hjemmeside

      Der er mange konsekvenser ved at have en langsom hjemmeside. En dårlig brugeroplevelse, en højere bouncerate og annoncer, der koster mere end de burde, er blot nogle af de få konsekvenser der er ved at have en langsom hjemmeside.

      Effektive og billige annoncer

      En af de gode fordele ved, at lave en WordPress speed-optimization er, at ens annoncer bliver langt mere effektive og billige. Google går nemlig så meget op i hastigheden på din hjemmeside, at jo hurtigere end hjemmeside du har, jo billigere vil dine reklamer også blive.

      Højere conversion-rate

      Når man driver online virksomhed, så er conversion-raten et af de absolut vigtigste tal. Det viser, hvor stor en procentdel af dem, der har besøgt din hjemmeside, som ender med at foretage et køb. Alle studier peger på, at jo hurtigere hjemmesiden er, jo højere er conversion-raten også.
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      Specialists in WordPress speed optimization
      – if we can't, no one can!

      We guarantee increased speed!
      See our cases here

      Grejfreak speed-optimization resultater


      New Nordic Home speed-optimization resultater

      New Nordic Home

      MamaMilla speed-optimization resultater


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        We've done it before! +400% organic growth in 6 months!

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        CMOs who have achieved competitive advantage

        Martin Wenneke
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        Hold on to a mistake... which I have made by not previously using speed optimization from
        Mathias Christensen
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        A class example of how outsourcing tasks sometimes just plays. Something we have not always experienced, but in this case with Riised, they are pushing a sometimes fluctuating industry in terms of quality, in the right direction!
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        Our organic rankings on Google are since we optimized the growth by over 200%. We have experienced a much higher conversion of our visitors. We have got cheaper ads and more visitors to our shop. All in all, it's the best growth investment I've ever made.
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        Really superb service. It's no secret that I'm one of many who find offers for speed optimization confusing. However, Kim, with whom I was in contact, has delivered a superb and manageable service, where there are no unforeseen costs or anything similar.
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        Riised has given our website a proper overhaul and has raised our page score to no less than 99! It was super easy and after they got access it didn't take many days before I had a lightning fast site. 5 stars from here!
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        We use Shopify for our webshop. We have tried a lot to optimize speed and we have used many suppliers. I teach SEO myself and have not heard or met anyone else who could optimize speed in that way. Our score has gone from 12-84 - That says more than words can. We are very impressed with Riised.
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        Riised A/S has helped us speed optimize our site, which has resulted in our Google PageSpeed ​​score going up to 98 on computer and 95 on mobile. We are fully satisfied with the result and can highly recommend others to use Riised A/S
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        “Nothing could have been better. We have experienced significant increases in our Quality Score and an increase of over 300% in our organic rankings on Google”

        That's why you need to optimize your
        WordPress shop NOW!

        91% of all WordPress shops are slow.
        If you speed optimize your shop now you will be among the fastest 1-9%.

        Google rewards fast shops.

        Your rankings on Google will skyrocket.

        You will spend much less money on advertising Google og Facebook.

        Your conversion rate will explode

        All in all, it can lead to you doubling your revenue.

        Wordpress speed-optimization

        It depends on how much you change your shop.
        Let’s assume you have 100 parts in your shop.
        If you change 2 parts of the shop, you lose a little bit of speed.
        If you change 30 parts of the shop, you lose more speed.

        First, we take a copy of the live site.
        Then we create a staging site.
        We do the optimization on the staging site.
        Only when we have finished optimizing do we make the optimization live.
        We do this so that no complications arise on the live site.

        As part of the optimization, we convert all images to WebP. From now on, all your image files will be converted to WebP when you upload them to the shop. It happens automatically, so you don’t have to convert images yourself in the future.

        If we can’t achieve the speed we guarantee you, you don’t have to pay.

        WordPress Speed ​​Optimization

        Why is it important to speed optimize your WordPress site?

        The time when it was acceptable to have a slow website is long gone. We are more impatient than ever before and there is nothing that frustrates as much as a slow website.

        You probably already know this yourself – if the website you visit is slow, you quickly move on to the next one before you have even read the website’s content.

        Therefore, it is of course important that you ensure that your website is fast, so that potential customers do not leave your website before they have even seen everything that you have to offer.

        With a WordPress speed optimization of your website you get:

        • A lower bounce rate
        • A higher conversion rate
        • Your visitors get a better user experience, which means they stay longer on your website. 
        • Higher rankings on Google (More organic traffic)
        • A higher Quality Score on Google Ads (A more effective advertising budget)
        • That your website lives up to Core Web Vitals

        Speed has actually become important to the extent that it is also one of the primary factors on which Google measures websites. If your website scores a high speed score, it will also result in a higher Quality Score, which will make your Google Ads advertising budget far more effective. It is therefore much cheaper to advertise.

        These are just some of the many advantages of having a lightning-fast website. 
        But how can you optimize your WordPress webshop? This is obviously the question that you are looking for an answer to. Therefore, in this post, we will answer this question so that you can get started on optimizing your website.

        How can i test the speed on my WordPress website?

        Before you start with a WordPress speed optimization on your website, it is of course important to know what your starting point is. That is, how fast is your website really right now?
        Likewise, it is important to know how you can test the speed of your website, so that you can subsequently test whether all the optimizations you have done have improved the speed of your website at all. Otherwise it will just be guesswork.
        Fortunately, with the help of Google PageSpeed ​​Insights, you can get concrete data on how fast your website is. Here at Riised, we have created a speed module which is based on Google PageSpeed ​​Insight data, but makes it super easy for you to test the speed of your website.
        All you have to do is type your website’s URL into our speed module on our website. Via this module, you can quickly and easily find out how fast your website is at the moment, as well as after you have made all the various speed optimizations of your WordPress website.
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        Dette kan tage op til 1 minut.

        Source: Google PageSpeed Insight

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        Få en gratis analyse af hvor hurtig din shop kan blive.

          Source: Google PageSpeed Insight

          How can I increase the speed of my WordPress website?

          You can do countless different things to make a WordPress speed optimization on your website. Here are some effective techniques that you can use:

          1. Use Caching

          You can improve the speed of your WordPress website by installing a caching plugin. What these plugins do is install static versions of the website. This enables the website to be loaded faster for the visitors.
          You can choose from several different cache plugins. Here are some of the most popular:
          1. WP Rocket (200-300 kr.)
          2. W3 Total Cache (100-200 kr.)
          3. Comet Cache (100-200 kr.)

          2. Optimize the images on your website

          It is a good idea to optimize the images on your website. If you reduce the file size of all the images on your website, it will have a direct positive effect on the speed of the website.
          But how to reduce this file size without affecting the quality of the images?

          You can reduce the file size manually, but this requires technical know-how. If you don’t have it, you can use a plugin for image optimization. Some of the most popular plugins for this are:

          1. ShortPixel Image Optimizer
          2. Smush Image Compression and Optimization
          3. EWWW Image Optimizer
          4. Compress JPEG & PNG Images

          3. Reduce the amount of plugins on your website

          Although the first two pieces of advice involve plugins, it is generally a good idea to think about how many plugins you have installed on your website. When you have a WordPress website, you can quickly install a lot of different plugins.
          However, it is important to remember that each and every plugin can potentially slow down your website. If you have plugins that you no longer use, then it is a good idea to delete them.
          In addition, it is also important that you ensure that you keep all your plugins up to date. Likewise, it may be a good idea to remove rendering-blocking JavaScript and CSS from the content above the dividing line.

          4. Make use of a CDN

          A CDN, or Content Delivery Network, you can use to increase the speed of your website. A CDN hosts things like files, images, CSS, and JavaScript on servers that are located close to those who visit your website.
          Doing this allows the files on your website to load faster, making the website faster for your visitors. 
          A CDN solution you can consider is Cloudflare. They have a free version, as well as a version for DKK 1,400 per month.

          5. Server-site tracking

          With serve-site tracking, you can put 3-party scripts on the server, which is often the factor that has the greatest importance for your speed optimization.

          On average it costs 5.000 – 10.000 kr. tohave you scripts moved on to the server and then around 1.000 kr. pr. month.

          Riised Performance® WordPress Speed Optimization

          Making a WordPress speed optimization of your website requires many hours of work and can be very complicated. If you don’t have time to familiarize yourself with how to do programming, technical optimization work on the website, as well as time to actually optimize the website, you can choose to order a WordPress speed optimization from us here at Riised.

          We are specialists in speed optimizing WordPress websites and our prices come with a guarantee for the speed we achieve. We know exactly what we are doing, so we can already say before an optimization how fast your WordPress website can be. We always guarantee a minimum of +80/100 on the mobile score and +90/100 on the computer score on Google PageSpeed, as well as A-grade on GTmetrix. 
          We carry out our WordPress speed optimization of your website in the background, which means that you do not have to spend time or energy on the optimization. Your website will have no downtime, so you will not notice at all that we are optimizing your website. You will only notice it afterwards when your Quality Score and your rankings on Google start to rise and when more of the visitors you already get turn into customers

          11 Tips to make your WordPress site faster

          Here are 11 good tips on how to make your WordPress website faster:
          1. Optimize all the images on your website
          2. Use lazy loading on your website
          3. Delete all plugins you don’t use
          4. Reduce CSS and JavaScript file sizes
          5. Use a CDN
          6. Avoid redirects
          7. Avoid slow themes
          8. Always keep plugins and WordPress updated
          9. Install a WordPress caching plugin
          10. Choose a good hosting platform
          11. Add Server-site tracking

          How fast should my website be?

          A very relevant question regarding WordPress speed optimization is of course; How fast should your website actually be?
          Fortunately, Google has made it very clear what they consider to be a fast website. They have divided the various speed measurements into three different colours: red, yellow and green. Which color you get depends on your score, which appears as a number, where 100 is the absolute best score you can receive.
          Red: 0-49 Yellow: 50-89 Green: 90-100
          If you have received a red score, it means that you have a slow website. If your score is red, it has a direct negative effect on Google’s view of your website, which also means that a red score directly affects things like SEO and Quality Score negatively. With a red score, you will therefore be penalized by Google, which will have significant effects on both your marketing and SEO efforts.
          A yellow score is the minimum speed your website must have. The yellow score does not have a direct negative effect, but it is not considered to be a fast website either.

          If your score is green, your website is considered to be fast. It will drastically increase your probability of landing at the top of Google’s search results, it will improve your quality score and come with many other good benefits, such as that you will experience a significant increase in the website’s conversion rate.

          Do you need a WordPress speed optimization?

          Do you want to optimize the speed of your website because your website is slow? So with others it is a very good idea.
          A WordPress speed optimization of your website will in a short time result in several different advantages, which you will quickly be able to both feel and see. A speed optimization is therefore one of the efforts that can in a short time result in direct improvements on e.g. ad effectiveness and revenue.
          A WordPress speed optimization will also reduce your bounce rate. There is now no doubt that if your website is slow, there is a high risk of visitors leaving the website before it has even loaded. This means that the slower the website is, the higher the page’s bounce rate, which also affects the page’s rankings on Google negatively.
          In addition, speed optimization of your slow website will also result in:
          • That your website meets the Core Web Vitals
          • That you get better rankings on Google
          • That posts on social media that link to your website get a greater reach
          • A higher conversion rate

          WordPress Speed ​​Optimization Vs. other platforms

          There are now several different platforms on which you can build your website. The most well-known and widespread is WordPress. However, newer platforms have also started to become very popular and attract more and more web developers. All the different platforms are different and therefore also require different techniques when you want to speed optimize your website.

          We are experts at speed optimizing on the following platforms:

          You can easily follow the advice we have given in this article if you want to optimize the speed of your website – regardless of which platform you are on. However, if you would like to achieve excellent results with your speed optimization, we recommend that you contact us so that we can take a look at your website.

          Case: WordPress speed optimization of

          UngeInvestorer speed-optimization resultater
 is very successful with their website, where they have created an interesting investment universe for anyone who wants to learn more about investing.
          However, there was one factor that kept their website from achieving the very large amounts of organic traffic: the speed of their website. That’s why they contacted us to have a speed optimization done.
          After our Riised speed optimization, their speeds dropped:
          • 74/100 to 99/100 on computer
          • 25/100 to 96/100 on mobile
          We have subsequently spoken to the owners of, who have told us that after the speed optimization they have experienced historically high rankings on Google.
          In addition, the faster load times will also result in:
          • A higher Quality Score
          • A lower bounce rate
          • A better conversion rate
          • A better user experience for their visitors
          A wordpress speed optimization we have carried out is for
          Get a free analysis of your webshop’s speed!
          We send you a live screen recording where we analyze your shop’s speed and explain how you can optimize it 🚀