DanDomain speed optimization of Casanova Furniture: Over 100% increase in organic visibility

When casanovafurniture.dk contacted us, they faced challenges with a slow loading time on their website. They noticed that their visitors tended to leave the site quickly, resulting in a high bounce rate. It was clear that they needed extensive speed optimization to improve their user experience and increase their chances of conversions. That’s why we got started.

Results of the speed optimization:

Speed on computer: from 41/100 to 99/100

Speed on mobile: from 6/100 to 73/100

This increase in speed has so far resulted in:

      • From 166 keywords in position 1-3 on Google to 346 keywords

    Who is Casanova Furniture?

    casanova furniture

    Casanova Furniture is a unique gem that offers you a unique and comprehensive selection of furniture for different spaces in the home, including living room, dining room, bedroom, office and outdoor furniture. They also offer decorations, lighting, textiles and accessories to complement the decor.

    Casanova Furniture strives to deliver products of high quality and aesthetics. Their range includes both well-known brands and unique design pieces. Whatever you’re looking for to improve your home, you can find it here. Their focus on style, comfort and functionality makes it possible to find the perfect piece of furniture to suit people with a sense of taste and quality.

    Case: DanDomain speed optimization of Casanova Furniture

    With a smooth and efficient process, we quickly turned things around for Casanova Furniture. The site experienced no downtime or loss of sales. In no time, Casanova Furniture started reaping the benefits of a high-speed website.

    Results: 108% Boost in organic visibility

    It is clear to see that our speed optimization has been useful for Casanovafurniture. Via Google PageSpeed Insights, we can see that their speeds have gone from:

        • 41/100 to 99/100 on computer

        • 6/100 to 73/100 on mobile

      Google has also noticed their new scores and has rewarded them with new rankings on Google:

      organiske søgeord

      *Organic keywords on the day we completed their optimization.

      organiske søgeord

      *Organic keywords today.

      In addition to the increase in organic visibility, results like these will also undoubtedly result in:

          • A higher quality score: “Quality score” is an assessment of the user experience on your website. If your website loads quickly, users will have a better experience, which can result in a higher quality score from search engines like Google. This can also lead to better rankings in search results, which can increase traffic to your website.

          • A higher conversion rate: Users’ patience is limited. If your website loads quickly, the chances are higher that users will stay on your website and complete the desired action, whether it is signing up for a newsletter, making a purchase or something else. A fast website means less waiting time for the user, which increases the likelihood of conversion.

          • A lower bounce rate: Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave a website after viewing only one page. If your website is slow, users may decide to leave it before it even finishes loading. By improving website speed, you can reduce the number of people leaving your website prematurely, which will result in a lower bounce rate. 

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