DanDomain speed optimization of SoundstoreXL: 22% increase in organic visibility

We have performed a DanDomain speed optimization for SoundstoreXL,which has quickly produced good results both on the organic front and the user experience. Let’s go a little deeper with what results it has created for SoundstoreXL.

Results of the speed optimization:

Speed ​​on computer: from 37/100 to 90/100

Speed ​​on mobile: from 25/100 to 65/100

This increase in speed have so far resulted in

  • From 292 keywords in the top three of Google to 506 keywords

Who is SoundStore XL and what do they offer?


SoundstoreXL is the largest Danish-owned webshop selling professional sound equipment, lighting equipment, stage equipment, studio equipment for the home studio, DJ equipment and musical instruments.

In addition, you will find a lot of exciting electronic products such as video projectors, screens, gaming equipment and a lot of fun gadgets and accessory products such as TV mounts and garden lights.

The case: DanDomain speed optimization of SoundstoreXL

After taking a look at the SoundstoreXL quality score on Google Ads, as well as the speed of the website on PageSpeed ​​Insights, it also became very clear that an optimization of their website speed was exactly what their website needed.

When they discovered that Riised could guarantee good results, they therefore chose to give us the opportunity to optimize their website’s speed.

Results: 22% increase in organic visibility

On Google PageSpeed ​​Insights, we can see the good progress that the speed optimization has made for the website:

  • From 37/100 to 90/100 on computer
  • From 25/100 to 65/100 on mobile

Google has also been quick to reward the website for the new loading times with increased organic visibility. Here they are i.a. increased from 292 keywords in position 1-3 on Google to 506 keywords:

organiske søgeord

*Organic keywords just before we completed the optimization.

organiske søgeord

*Organic keywords today.

An increase in organic traffic of this caliber will naturally also result in increased revenue for the webshop. In the period after the optimization, SoundstoreXL experienced an increase in their turnover of approx. 7% compared to the period before the speed optimization.


For a webshop that turns over many millions like SoundstoreXL, an increase of 7% is an extremely profitable increase, which results in a big boost to the bottom line and a speed optimization that has paid for itself very quickly.

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