Magento speed optimization of 60% lower bounce rate

Our dedicated team at stepped in to help tackle their challenges. We conducted a comprehensive analysis of their website and identified areas that could be optimized to achieve a faster page speed. We implemented a custom speed optimization solution that was created to meet their unique needs and goals.

Results of the speed optimization:

Speed ​​on computer: 42/100 to 91/100

Speed ​​on mobile: 17/100 to 72/100

This increase in speed has so far resulted in:

  • From 739 monthly visitors to 6,044 monthly visitors
  • 60% reducering af bounce raten

Who is Beslagrosisten and what do they offer?

The fittings wholesaler supplies quality fittings to the private market – and this at reasonable prices

They have a fondness and a very special passion for the small details that give you added value in the form of elegant design and unique functionality. In their range, you will find a number of patented solutions in particular table fittings, door fittings, shelf supports and cable ducts.

They are 100% Danish owned. The owner SISO A/S has been a sub-supplier of fittings for the furniture and glass industry since 1956.

Case: Speed ​​optimization of

When it comes to online success, a fast and responsive website is essential. This is exactly what achieved by collaborating with – a leading expert in speed optimization.

Results: 60% reduction in their bounce rate

Via data from Google PageSpeed ​​Insights, we can see that their speed has increased significantly on both computer and mobile:

  • From 42/100 to 91/100 on computer
  • From 17/100 to 72/100 on mobile

This increase in speed has also already resulted in a big boost in their organic traffic, which has increased from 739 monthly visitors to 6,044 monthly visitors:

*Organic traffic just before we completed the speed optimization.

*Organic traffic in November.

*Organic traffic in December.

*Organic traffic in January 2024.

In addition, their bounce rate has dropped by 60.95%:

A bounce rate reduction of this caliber will result in:

  • A higher conversion rate
  • Further support their organic growth

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