WordPress speed optimization by H.C. Andersen moving company: 73% Increase in SEO


H.C. Andersens Flyttefirma has on several occasions sought speed optimizations from several different agencies, but there has never been anyone who has been able to solve the task.

That was until they discovered us here at Riised. They got hold of us and we started a thorough speed optimization of their website right away.

Results of the speed optimization:

Speed ​​on computer: From 24/100 to 94/100

Speed ​​on mobile: From 19/100 to 91/100

This increase has so far resulted in:

  • Over 73% increase in SEO: from 22 visitors to 38 visitors in the first 1-3 pages on Google Search.

H.C. Andersen Moving Company: What do they offer?

h.c. andersens flyttefirma

H.C. Andersens Flyttefirma is a moving company that can help you move from your old house into the new one.

Therefore, H.C. offers Andersens Flyttefirma, that you can contact them and get help with the process of moving, so that you don’t have to stress about either emptying the home or moving everything to the new home.

When you have to move into a new home, there is an infinite amount of furniture and objects that need to be moved from A to B. It can take an incredibly long time if you want to move everything yourself.

Case: WordPress speed optimization by H.C. Andersen’s moving company

One of the most important sources of customers for H.C. Andersen’s moving company is Google. Here, it is especially about landing on the good rankings on Google.

In addition, the moving company also uses Google Ads to generate traffic and new customers. That is why it is also crucial for H.C. Andersens Flyttefirma that they have a top-tuned website that can deliver the necessary results on Google.

Some of the reasons why a speed optimization is a good choice therefore include that increased speeds bring:

  • A better Quality Score (Cheaper ads on Google Ads)
  • Better rankings on Google
  • A better user experience for their visitors

The process: From slow to the moving industry’s fastest website

“When I first came across Riised, I found that there was good customer service and it was really easy, and the whole process has been very problem-free.” – Danny, Director

The process consisted of us gaining access to their WordPress and then we could carry out the entire optimization without H.C. Andersen Flyttefirma’s employees had to spend time on the optimization.

The optimization was done in the background without the website having any kind of downtime.

The results: 73% Increase in organic traffic

The results of such a speed optimization do not go unnoticed either. H.C. Andersen’s moving company’s speed has gone from:

  • Speed ​​on computer: From 24/100 to 94/100
  • Speed ​​on mobile: From 19/100 to 91/100

It is something like H.C. Andersen’s moving company can now reap benefits, but on top of that, Google also rates them as far more valuable in their algorithm.

*22 visits in 1-3 pages on Google Search.

*38 visits in 1-3 pages on Google Search.

In addition to the increase in SEO, such advances will clearly result in:

  • Improved quality score: “Quality score”, also known as “Quality score”, reflects the user experience of your web page. A fast load time gives users a superior experience, which can increase your score with search engines like Google. A high score can also improve your position in search results and thus attract more traffic to your page.
  • Increase in conversion rate: Visitors’ patience is often short-lived. With a faster load time, they are more likely to stay and complete desired actions, such as signing up for a newsletter or completing a purchase. A faster page reduces waiting time and increases conversion opportunities.
  • Drop in bounce rate: Bounce rate shows the percentage of visitors who only visit a single page before leaving your website. A slow load time can cause visitors to leave the page before it is fully loaded. By boosting page speed, you can decrease the number of visitors who leave early, which will decrease your bounce rate.

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