Shopify speed optimization by Forlaget Mammut: 4-Doubling of organic visibility


After Google’s latest updates, the speed of one’s website is more important than ever before. If the speed of your website is not top-notch, it will be almost impossible to be successful with SEO.

In addition, speed also plays a large role in relation to your Quality Score on Google Ads, which dictates how much you can get out of your advertising budget on Google Ads.

The publisher Mammut contacted us about having a speed optimization done, which has resulted in drastic improvements on their Google PageSpeed ​​Insights. Improvements that will also lead to a better Quality Score and better rankings on Google.

Results of the speed optimization:

Speed ​​on computer: From 36/100 to 96/100

Speed ​​on mobile: From 21/100 to 85/100

This increase in speed has so far resulted in:

  • 4-Doubling in organic keywords on position 1-3 on Google

Publisher Mammut: Who are they and what do they offer?

forlaget mammut

The publishing house Mammut makes beautiful children’s books with good stories and beautiful illustrations. Children’s books that every child will love.

In addition to children’s books, they also make posters, books for adults and gift packs, which are obvious gifts for birthdays and the like.

For every product you buy from Forlaget Mammut, they also plant a tree.

Case: Shopify speed optimization by Forlagt Mammut

Forlaget Mammut is an online company that generates revenue through their webshop Therefore, SEO and Google Ads are of course paramount to their success and revenue.

In connection with the fact that the speed on their website was very low on mobile, they contacted us to get their website speed optimized.

We took on this task immediately and just a few days later Mammut Publishing could benefit from having a website that is lightning fast on both computer and mobile.

The results: 4-Double organic rankings on position 1-3

As you can see in the image above with before and after data from Google PageSpeed ​​Insights, our Riised speed optimization created drastic improvements to their speed scores.

On computer, the website has the score of 96/100 and on mobile they have increased from 21/100 to 85/100.

These are improvements that, other things being equal, will increase their Quality Score on Google Ads, as well as their rankings on Google.

Nogle af de direkte forbedringer, som disse nye hastigheder vil medføre, inkluderer:

  • That they get more out of their advertising budget
  • That their website creates more organic traffic
  • A greater reach on Social Media
organiske søgeord

*Organic words of mourning before we finish the speed optimization

organiske søgeord

*Organic keywords after that day

In addition to the improvement in organic visibility, such results will certainly bring about:

  • Increased quality score: A “Quality score” – or “quality score” in Danish – measures the user experience on your site. Fast loading time means a better user experience, which can raise your score in the eyes of search engines like Google. A higher score can improve your web page’s rank in search results, which in turn can attract more traffic.
  • Increased conversion rate: With limited patience on the part of users, a fast-loading website will increase the likelihood that they will stay and take the desired action – be it signing up for a newsletter, completing a purchase, or otherwise. In short: Less waiting time increases the chances of conversion.
  • Reduction in bounce rate: Bounce rate describes the percentage of visitors who visit only one page and then leave the website. A slow load time can cause visitors to leave the page even before it is fully loaded. By optimizing the loading time, you can reduce the number of early terminations and thereby lower the bounce rate.

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