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Perfect Jeans, a Danish company founded by two experienced entrepreneurs from Svendborg, emerged from a quest to create the ideal pair of jeans. With over 18 years in the clothing and textile industry, they were determined to design jeans that are super-comfortable, timeless, and colorfast.

Facing issues with slow loading times on their Shopify website, Perfect Jeans turned to Riised for a solution. We performed a comprehensive speed optimization, which significantly boosted their organic visits and improved overall website performance.

Google PageSpeed on computer: From 46/100 to 90/100
Google PageSpeed ​​on mobile: From 22/100 to 74/100

Who is

Perfect Jeans, a venture driven by Danish entrepreneurs Emil and Signe, is committed to bridging a market void by offering women’s jeans that blend unrivaled comfort, enduring design, and color retention. Through thorough market research and partnerships with industry experts, they meticulously crafted stretchable, long-lasting jeans that prioritize both comfort and style.

Embark on the quest for the perfect pair of jeans with Emil and Signe, as they redefine the standards of comfort and fashion in women’s denim wear.

Case: Shopify Speed Optimization for

Optimizing the speed of involves improving the loading times across the webshop’s pages to achieve a high score on Google PageSpeed Insights. This score is used by Google to assess the website’s Quality Score and influence its ranking in search results.


Google PageSpeed on computer: From 46/100 to 90/100
Google PageSpeed ​​on mobile: From 22/100 to 74/100

Riised’s optimization efforts significantly enhanced Perfect Jeans’ quality score, leading to an improved user experience and greater customer satisfaction. By increasing the website’s speed, the overall functionality and responsiveness of were dramatically improved, making it easier for users to navigate and find what they were looking for quickly. This improvement in quality score not only attracted more organic visitors but also ensured they stayed longer and engaged more deeply with the site.

The conversion rate saw a substantial boost as a direct result of the optimization. Faster loading times facilitated smoother user journeys, making visitors more likely to complete desired actions, such as making a purchase or signing up for newsletters. With a more efficient website, potential customers experienced less frustration and more convenience, which translated into higher sales and conversion rates. This smoother user experience was pivotal in turning casual browsers into committed buyers.

Additionally, Riised’s interventions led to a significant reduction in the bounce rate for A lower bounce rate indicated that users were not only staying longer but were also more engaged with the content. Improved user engagement and retention are critical for any e-commerce platform, as they directly influence sales and customer loyalty. Through these comprehensive optimization strategies, Riised not only addressed the technical challenges faced by but also created a more enjoyable and seamless online experience for users. This ultimately drove increased satisfaction, higher sales, and significant business growth for Perfect Jeans.

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