WordPress speed optimization by Nordic Clays: 807% Increase in organic traffic

speed optimization for nordic clays by riised

We have performed a speed optimization for NordicClays.com with great success. On the back of an increase in speed from slow loading times to lightning fast, NordicClays can now benefit from a webshop that performs excellently on Google Pagespeed Insights.

Results of the speed optimization:

Speed ​​on computer: From 26/100 to 94/100

Speed ​​on mobile: From 15/100 to 93/100

This increase in speed has so far resulted in:

  • An increase in organic traffic of just over 807%
  • Fra 4 søgeord på position 1-3 til 47 søgeord

Nordic Clays: Who are they?


Nordic Clays is a Danish company that has invented a new clay pigeon throwing system, which is made from sustainable materials and opens up completely new possibilities for the practicing shooter.

Nordic Clay’s products are every shooter’s dream. They give the shooter the opportunity to practice his shooting skills with a far greater degree of ease of use and flexibility than ordinary clay pigeon throwers offer.

Nordic Clays sells their products online, which means that organic traffic and Google Ads are paramount to their success. Therefore, a speed optimization of their website was an obvious choice.

Case: WordPress speed optimization by NordicClays

First check showed a low 36/100 on mobile and 64/100 on desktop – signaling significant room for improvement.

Enter our team, equipped with expertise in speed optimization.

We turned things around for Nordicclays in a few days. Without downtime or loss of sales, we were able to boost the speed of the website significantly.

The results: 807% increase in organic traffic

In Google’s Pagespeed Insights, we can see that the speed on the homepage has increased from:

  • From 26/100 to 94/100 on computer
  • From 36/100 to 93/100 on mobile

It took some time before Google caught the optimization of the website, but after several months there was a sudden increase in organic traffic:

organisk trafik

*The organic traffic just before our speed optimization.

*The organic traffic today.

The increase in organic traffic undoubtedly comes from their significant increase in organic keywords in positions 1-3 on google:

organiske søgeord

*The day we completed the optimization.

*Number of search terms today.

Investering i hastighedsoptimering – Var det investeringen værd for NordicClays?

NordicClays has been very satisfied with the optimization afterwards. The optimization has boosted organic traffic, but has also ensured that visitors have a good experience when they visit their website.

A good user experience helps to:

  • Reduce the website’s bounce rate
  • Increase website conversion rate
  • Increase the website’s Quality Score on Google Ads

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