Speed ​​optimized by PixoJet.dk : 50% increase in conversion rate

We have performed a speed optimization for Pixojet, which has led to impressive results that can help take New Nordic Home to the next level.

Pixojet contacted us about getting a speed optimization done, as their current speed – especially on mobile – was keeping them from achieving their full potential.

We naturally took that task on ourselves and we immediately set about optimizing their website.

Results of the speed optimization:

Speed ​​on computer: From 91/100 to 94/100

Speed ​​on mobile: From 33/100 to 74/100

This increase in speed has so far resulted in:

  • From 8,000 monthly visitors to 11,000
  • From 145 keywords in the top three of Google to 325
  • Increase in the conversion rate of approx. 50%

Who is Pixojet and what do they offer?

Pixojet is Denmark’s largest retailer of consumables for printers, office equipment, and accessories for printing and electronics. They sell accessories for all well-known brands within printing and office. They have detailed descriptions of all the products in their range, so you can be absolutely sure of finding exactly the ink cartridge, toner or accessories that match your needs.

Case: Speed ​​optimization of Pixojet.dk

PixoJet.dk was an exciting case, which we started with right away. Shortly after Pixojet had ordered the speed optimization, we had created the results that PixoJet.dk had been looking for for so long.

Results: Approx. 50% increase in conversion rate

Via data from Google PageSpeed ​​Insights, we can see the good increases that have occurred in the webshop’s speed. Here it has increased from:

  • From 91/100 to 94/100 on computer
  • From 33/100 to 74/100 on mobile

Google has noticed that too. Their organic traffic has increased from 8,047 monthly visitors to 11,061 monthly visitors:

*Organic traffic before our speed optimization of 8,047

*Organic traffic after our speed optimization 11,061

The increase in organic traffic comes from good increases in their organic keywords. Here they have increased from 145 keywords in position 1-3 on Google to 325 keywords:

*Organic keyword before our speed optimization 6,045

*Organic keyword after our speed optimization 9,496

Not only has the amount of traffic the website receives increased, but the traffic also converts significantly better. The conversion rate has increased by almost 50% from 4.37% to 6.28%:

*The conversion rate just before we completed the optimization.

*The conversion rate after the speed optimization.

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