WordPress speed optimization by Adtimize.dk: Lightning fast loading times

Adtimize speed-optimization case

We have successfully performed a crucial speed optimization for Grejfreak, which led to impressive results. Grejfreak’s website now features lightning-fast speeds, preparing their business for unprecedented growth on both mobile and desktop platforms.

Results of the speed optimization:

Speed ​​on computer: From 54/100 to 99/100

Speed ​​on mobile: From 13/100 to 97/100

Adtimize: What does Adtimize offer?


Adtimize.dk is a marketing agency, which therefore knows everything about the importance of having a lightning-fast website.

After a test of the speed on their website, it was therefore also clear that their website needed a good speed optimization.

For that reason, Adtimize contacted us about optimizing their website.

Case: WordPress speed optimization by Adtimize.dk

The purpose of optimizing Adtimize will therefore be to take their slow loading times to new heights, so that Adtimize can get the most out of their website.

With good speeds, Adtimize’s website has great potential for getting much more out of Google Ads and their organic traffic.

The results: Lightning-fast website on both mobile and computer

adtimize hastighedsoptimering

The results of the speed optimization:

The optimization work on Adtimize’s website has had incredible results. The clear improvement in the speed score, which can be seen via Google PageSpeed ​​Insights, is an achievement in itself. Going from 54/100 to 99/100 on desktop and from 13/100 to 97/100 on mobile is nothing short of impressive.

Potential benefits of the improvement:

  • Better rankings on Google: With speed improvements of this magnitude, Adtimize will likely see improved rankings in Google search results. This is because Google takes website speed into account as a ranking factor. A higher ranking will attract more organic traffic, which can increase the website’s visibility and relevance.
  • Higher Quality Scores: A faster website can also improve Adtimize’s Quality Scores compared to Google Ads. A better Quality Score can lead to lower click-through rates and better ad positions, making their advertising campaigns more profitable.
  • Improved user behavior: One of the most direct benefits of a speed-optimized website is a reduction in bounce rate. When visitors experience a faster page load, they are less likely to leave the website immediately. This combined with an improved user experience can also lead to higher conversion rates.
  • Professional impression: Speed ​​is an integral part of a user experience. A fast website appears more professional and signals to visitors that the company values ​​their time. This can create a positive first impression and encourage visitors to explore the website further.

All in all, Adtimize’s investment in speed optimization has the potential to bring significant benefits. These improvements will not only increase their online visibility, but will also improve user interaction with the brand, which can have long-term positive effects on the company’s online success.

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