WordPress Speed Optimization by Riised for nordic-tales.com


In the competitive online retail market, nordic-tales.com, a top provider of lighting, furniture, and home accessories, partnered with Riised, a speed optimization agency, to improve their website’s performance. Riised’s optimizations drastically reduced loading times, boosting user satisfaction and search engine visibility. Now, nordic-tales.com is better positioned to attract and retain customers.

Google PageSpeed ​​on computer: From 22/100 to 95/100

Google PageSpeed ​​on mobile: 15/100 to 76/100

The Largest Contentful Paint has also improved from 5.5 seconds to an impressive 2.7 seconds!

Who is Nordic-tales.com?

At Nordic Tales, they hold a steadfast belief in the power of design to narrate stories and enrich the essence of every home. They strive to kindle imagination and foster vibrant living spaces worldwide, recognizing that the essence of a home lies in the tales woven into its interiors. With a design philosophy that draws inspiration from Scandinavian heritage while charting new creative territories, Nordic Tales honors tradition while making its unique mark on the narrative of Scandinavian design.

Central to their ethos is the profound impact of design on human emotions and well-being. Nordic Tales contends that individuals subconsciously perceive the intentions behind designs, influencing their connection with the environment. Through the “aha-experience,” users can sense the care invested in crafting products, forging deeper emotional bonds. This conviction propels Nordic Tales on a mission to create designs that resonate on a profound level, enriching lives through thoughtful craftsmanship and timeless narratives.

Case: Wordpess speed optimization of Nordic-tales.com

Speed ​​optimization of nordic-tales.com is therefore about;

  1. Optimizing the website so that it achieves good scores in Google PageSpeed ​​Insights.
  2. With the new speed, they will experience increased organic traffic, increased conversion rate and a lower bounce rate.

Via data from Google Pagespeed Insights, we can see the drastic improvements that have taken place in the website’s speed:

  • From 22/100 to 95/100 on computer
  • From 15/100 to 76/100 on mobile

The Largest Contentful Paint has also improved from 5.5 seconds to an impressive 2.7 seconds!

In addition to the increase in organic visibility, results like these will also undoubtedly result in:

  • In addition to the remarkable improvement in organic visibility achieved through the speed optimization efforts by Riised, Nordic Tales also experienced several other significant benefits. One notable outcome was the enhancement of their website’s overall user experience, leading to a boost in their quality score. The quality score, an essential metric in digital marketing, evaluates the user experience provided by a website. By ensuring swift loading times and seamless navigation, Riised’s optimizations contributed to elevating Nordic Tales’ quality score, indicating a more positive user interaction with their site.

  • Furthermore, the optimization efforts resulted in a substantial increase in the conversion rate for Nordic Tales. With users’ attention spans becoming increasingly limited in today’s fast-paced digital landscape, the importance of swift website performance cannot be overstated. By optimizing the site’s speed, Riised effectively reduced load times, enhancing user engagement and encouraging visitors to complete desired actions. This improvement in conversion rates underscores the direct impact of speed optimization on driving tangible business results for Nordic Tales.

  • Moreover, Riised’s interventions led to a notable reduction in Nordic Tales’ bounce rate. A high bounce rate, signifying the percentage of visitors who leave a website after viewing only one page, can hinder a site’s overall performance and effectiveness. By optimizing speed and ensuring a seamless browsing experience, Riised helped Nordic Tales capture and retain visitor interest, thereby decreasing their bounce rate. This decrease reflects a more engaging and satisfying user experience, translating into improved website performance and increased opportunities for customer interaction and retention.

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