WordPress speed optimization of TheMallows.dk: Achieves 100/100 on Google PageSpeed ​​Insights

We have performed a speed optimization of TheMallows.dk, which has given them a perfect speed score. The new speeds on their website will help them reach their full potential.

Results of the speed optimization:

Speed ​​on computer: From 69/100 to 100/100

Speed ​​on mobile: From 24/100 to 98/100

The Mallows: Who are they?

the mallows

At The Mallows, they have an organic line and a caramel-filled line. Their organic line consists of their 6 different varieties as well as 2 Limited Editions, which are replaced several times during the year. From the start in 2017, they have prioritized producing mallows in a responsible way with consideration for the environment and people.

It doesn’t get much better than a marshmallow coated with Belgian chocolate, with French caramel in the middle or the one coated with rich caramel chocolate and a sprinkling of sea salt on top. Hallelujah for a marshmallow!

Case: WordPress speed optimization of themallows.dk

Their conversion rate has increased significantly and they have received a very fruitful advertising budget. We are happy to have been a part of TheMallows.dk’s journey to success and look forward to continuing to help them achieve even greater heights.

Results: 100/100 on Google PageSpeed ​​Insights

Via data from Google PageSpeed ​​Insights, we can see the sharp results that the optimization has created for themallows.dk. Here they have risen:

  • From 69/100 to 100/100 on computer
  • From 24/100 to 98/100 on mobile

In addition to the enhanced organic visibility, one can expect the following benefits from these results:

  • Increased quality score: “Quality score”, which often translates to “quality score” in Danish, is an indicator of the user experience on your web page. A more streamlined loading process can improve the user experience, which can result in a higher score with search engines such as Google. An improved score can place your page higher in the search results, which can drive additional traffic to your web page.
  • Higher conversion rate: Given users’ limited patience, a website that loads quickly can increase the likelihood that they will take a desired action, such as signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase. In a nutshell, a faster page means less waiting time and increased user engagement.
  • Less bounce rate: Bounce rate represents the percentage of visitors who only visit one page before leaving your site. If your page takes too long to load, it can cause visitors to leave before it is fully displayed. By improving your page load time, you can reduce the number of such premature departures, which will lower your bounce rate.

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