WordPress speed optimization for Elitefys.dk by Riised

Elitefys.dk speed optimization riised

We performed a WordPress speed optimization for elitefys.dk, addressing performance issues on both desktop and mobile platforms. The results of this optimization are as follows:

Desktop speed: Improved from 82/100 to 97/100

Mobile speed: Improved from 55/100 to 94/100

After we completed our speed optimization Malthe gave us this review.

Who is elitefys.dk ?

The team and structure at Elite Fysioterapi comprise a young, dynamic group. Beyond their professional qualifications, most of them have experience in various sports at a high level and the injuries that can come with them.

The clinic owners are authorized sports osteopath MSc & sports physiotherapist, Jakob Mogensen Versterre, and osteopath MSc MRO DK & physiotherapist, Jakob Aagaard.

The facility boasts twelve treatment rooms, a training room, and a strength training room spread across three floors.

Access to the training rooms and some of their treatment rooms involves stairs, with four steps leading up to the main entrance.

If you’ve sustained an injury related to sports, work, or a traffic accident, it’s important to consult a physiotherapist promptly. Regardless of the issue, starting treatment swiftly is crucial. Delaying treatment may result in various symptoms manifesting and requiring more treatments.

They have years of experience in treating work-related injuries and sports injuries.

With a seamless and efficient process, we quickly turned things around for Elitefys.dk. The site experienced no downtime or loss of sales. In no time, Elitefys.dk began reaping the benefits of a high-speed website.

Investment in speed optimization – What has Elitefys.dk gained from speed optimization?

Improvement of conversion rates through speed optimization

In the competitive landscape of online business, speed optimization emerges as a crucial strategy to enhance conversion rates on websites. By prioritizing fast loading times, companies can significantly improve user experience, thereby increasing engagement and the likelihood of conversion. Studies emphasize that even marginal improvements in page loading time can result in significant enhancements in conversion rates. Furthermore, websites with fast loading times often deliver superior user experiences, fostering trust and credibility among potential customers. Through careful attention to speed optimization, companies pave the way for seamless browsing experiences, ultimately leading to elevated conversion rates and increased sales.

Increase in Google Ads quality scores

Speed optimization stands as a cornerstone in the effort to elevate Google Ads quality scores, as it directly impacts user experiences and ad relevance. When landing pages load quickly and seamlessly, users are more likely to interact with the content and perform desired actions, such as completing purchases or submitting forms. This increased user engagement signals to Google the importance and value of the landing page, resulting in improved quality scores. Additionally, pages with fast loading times typically have lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates, further bolstering quality score metrics. By prioritizing speed optimization, advertisers can supercharge the performance of their Google Ads campaigns and ensure improved ad placements at reduced costs.

Improvement of SEO performance

In the dynamic realm of digital marketing, speed optimization emerges as a cornerstone in effective SEO strategies. Fast loading times not only enhance user experiences but also contribute to lower bounce rates and extended dwell times, which are crucial elements in search engine rankings. Additionally, speed optimization improves crawlability and aligns with mobile-first indexing, further enhancing SEO results. By prioritizing speed, websites can deliver seamless user experiences and strengthen their visibility in search engine results, ultimately leading to organic traffic and improved overall SEO performance.

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