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T-shirten.dk is committed to offering customers a thoughtfully chosen range of everyday wardrobe essentials. Driven by a philosophy of stringent quality standards, they aim to provide high-quality basics that meet the everyday needs of their customers.

T-shirten.dk is dedicated to providing customers with a carefully curated selection of wardrobe basics that meet their everyday needs. With a philosophy rooted in ensuring that every product in their shop meets their stringent standards, they strive to offer high-quality essentials for every wardrobe.

However, T-shirten.dk encountered challenges with their WordPress website’s speed, impacting user experience and organic traffic. To address this issue, they turned to Riised for assistance. Riised conducted a thorough speed optimization for their website, resulting in improved loading times and overall performance. As a result, T-shirten.dk experienced a notable increase in organic visits post-optimization, further solidifying their position as a trusted destination for wardrobe essentials.

Google Desktop speed: Increased from 48/100 to 95/100

Google Mobile speed: Increased from 26/100 to 82/100

Who is T-shirten.dk?

At T-shirten.dk, their mission is to provide customers with a thoughtfully curated selection of wardrobe basics that meet their everyday needs. Guided by the philosophy that every product in their shop must align with their exacting standards, they prioritize offering high-quality essentials at fair prices. This commitment to quality is reflected in their sourcing practices, as they meticulously select suppliers from within the EU to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and EU standards.

Their product range includes T-shirts, stockings, and underwear, catering to discerning consumers who value both quality and affordability. Beyond offering a carefully curated selection, T-shirten.dk goes the extra mile by rigorously testing all products before they hit the shelves. Led by General Manager and seasoned textile expert, Jacob Blaesbjerg, the team at T-shirten.dk is dedicated to upholding the connection between price, quality, and consumer expectations. With a focus on integrity and excellence, they strive to provide customers with wardrobe essentials they can trust.

Results: From 48 to 95 on desktop speed

In Google Pagespeed Insights, you can see the effect of our speed optimization on T-shirten.dk‘s website speed.

They’ve gone from a website speed of:

48/100 to 95/100 on desktop

26/100 to 82/100 on mobile

T-shirten.dk‘s dedication to improving user experience through speed optimization has yielded remarkable results.

Investment in speed optimization – What has T-shirten.dk gained from speed optimization?

Enhanced user engagement: Speed-optimized websites load not only faster but also offer a smoother and more seamless browsing experience for users. With faster loading times, visitors are more likely to stay engaged with your content, explore different pages, and ultimately convert into customers.

Improved search engine visibility: Search engines like Google prioritize fast-loading websites in their search results. By optimizing the speed of your website, you can improve its placement on search engine results pages (SERPs), increasing its visibility to potential customers searching for products or services similar to yours.

Reduced bounce rates: Slow-loading websites often suffer from high bounce rates, as impatient visitors quickly leave pages that take too long to load. By optimizing the speed of your website, you can reduce bounce rates and keep visitors on your site for longer, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Increased conversion rates: Studies have shown that even minor improvements in page loading time can have a significant impact on conversion rates. By optimizing the speed of your website, you can create a more favorable environment for conversions, making it easier for visitors to complete purchases or other desired actions.

Enhanced customer satisfaction: A fast-loading website is a key indicator of professionalism and reliability. By prioritizing speed optimization, you show your customers that you value their time and are dedicated to providing them with the best possible online experience, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

Improved mobile experience: With a growing number of users accessing websites via mobile devices, it’s crucial to optimize your website for mobile speed. Speed optimization techniques ensure that your website loads quickly and functions seamlessly on smartphones and tablets, providing a positive user experience across all devices.

In summary, the benefits of speed optimization for your website are many and far-reaching. From improved user engagement and search engine visibility to reduced bounce rates and increased conversion rates, optimizing the speed of your website can have a transformative impact on your online business. Take the necessary steps to optimize the speed of your website today and unlock its full potential for success.

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