WordPress Speed ​​optimization of FysioDanmark.dk: 107% increase in organic traffic

In the digital age, a fast and efficient website is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. FysioDanmark.dk, offering everything within physiotherapy, personal training & team training, understood the importance of this and took the proactive step to improve their website speed.

Results of the speed optimization:

Speed ​​on computer: From 47/100 to 100/100

Speed ​​on mobile: From 14/100 to 96/100

This increase in speed has so far resulted in:

  • 100/100 speed on computer
  • 107% increase in organic traffic
  • An increase of 469 in organic keywords: From 119 to 588 in positions 1-3

Who is FysioDanmark?

At Fysio Danmark, you will be helped by competent and professionally up-to-date physiotherapists specializing in several different issues. They integrate the latest knowledge to be able to give you the best conditions for a life with fewer limitations and pain.

They offer everything within physiotherapy, personal training & team training.

Case: WordPress speed optimization by Fysiodanmark

We are proud of the results we have achieved together with FysioDanmark.dk. With significantly improved website speed, they have not only seen an improvement in their conversion rate and rankings on Google, but they have also benefited from a more efficient advertising budget, increased organic traffic, and a better user experience for their customers.

Speed ​​optimization is not just a one-time investment, but an ongoing investment in your company’s digital future.

The results: 107% increase in organic traffic

Via data from Google PageSpeed ​​Insights, we can see the great progress that has been made on website speed. Here they have risen:

  • From 47/100 to 100/100 on computer
  • From 14/100 to 96/100 on mobile

Google has also noticed their new speed. Their organic traffic has increased by over 107% and their keywords in positions 1-3 have gone from 119 before we started working with them to 588 today:

*The organic traffic just before we carried out a speed optimization of their website

*Your organic traffic today

*Antal af organiske søgeord på position 1-3 inden vores samarbejde med Fysiodanmark

*Number of keywords in positions 1-3 today – From 119 to 588. This is an increase of 469 keywords.

All other things being equal, this speed optimization will also result in:

  • A higher Quality Score 
  • A higher conversion rate
  • A lower bounce rate

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