WordPress speed optimization of Jagttegnnu.dk: 233% increase in Mobile Page Speed

233% increase in Mobile Page Speed 94% increase in Desktop Speed Increased average session time and conversions

Results of the speed optimization:

Speed ​​of computer: From 50/100 to 97/100
Speed ​​on mobile: From 24/100 to 80/100

This increase in speed has so far resulted in:

  • 233% increase in Mobile Page Speed
  • 94% increase in Desktop Speed
  • Increased average session time and conversions

Who is Jagttegnnu.dk?

As Jagttegnnu, their ultimate objective is to guide you, as a hunting license aspirant, seamlessly through the intricacies of the hunting license test, sparing you unnecessary time and expenses while ensuring a smooth journey devoid of unpleasant surprises.

They boast years of outstanding outcomes with their “intensive” hunting license courses. Their motivation isn’t merely profit-driven; rather, it’s centered on delivering a high-quality product to their trainees and spreading hunting knowledge to a wider audience.

The case: Speed ​​optimization of Jagttegnnu WordPress based webshop

Through a meticulous, seamless, and highly effective approach, we successfully revitalized Jagttegnnu’s online presence. By avoiding challenges like downtime or lost sales, we maintained their platform’s stability and efficiency throughout the transition period. The positive effects of a high-speed website were swiftly felt by Jagttegnnu. With this enhancement, they are now better equipped to fulfill their customers’ requirements, enhancing user satisfaction and bolstering their brand presence in a competitive market.

Results: 233% increase in Mobile Page Speed and 94% increase in Desktop Speed

According to data from Google PageSpeed Insights, the website’s speed has improved from 50 to 97 on desktop and from 24 to 80 on mobile. This notable enhancement is certain to elevate both rankings and conversion rates.


Can you add that Google needs up to 28 days to work on Real user experience and to see if the Core Web Vitals is passed.


Core Web Vitals are the primary metrics for Speed Optimization. Google indexes pages based on core web vitals, which are determined by the loading speed of your website pages. From this perspective, speed optimization enables your site to appear on the front pages of Google, reducing your advertising budget and even allowing you to be displayed on the first three pages without the need for advertising in the long term.

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