The importance of your ad rank for Quality Score

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Discover the importance of your ad rank for Quality Score and learn how it affects your ad performance. Gain insight into strategies to improve your ad rank and optimize your Quality Score for better results.

Website Speed ​​Optimization: A Decisive Effect on Quality Score

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Optimizing website speed can have a significant impact on your Quality Score. Read our blog post to discover how a faster website can improve your ad results and reduce CPCs. Get practical techniques for measuring and improving speed, as well as examples of successful implementations.

Optimize your Quality Score with an increased CTR

Optimering af Quality Score og CTR

Discover how you can improve your Quality Score in Google Ads by increasing your Click-Through Rate (CTR). Learn the strategies to create engaging ad copy, improve the placement of your ads, and leverage ad extensions to increase your CTR and achieve better results.

Optimize your Quality Score with effective keywords

Optimering af billeder

Get control of your Quality Score and improve your PPC campaigns with good keywords. Learn how to choose relevant keywords, optimize your ads and increase the click-through rate to achieve a higher Quality Score in Google Ads.

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